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Join other Muslim Women on Learning to invest in the Stock Market!

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Is it possible for women to retire millionaires?


You can really have it all.

You can financially secure your family's future.

You can work less and achieve success.

The rich do not work more, they work smart, by making their money work for them.

It's not your fault ...

This finance game is rigged against the average person. There is a ton of advertising for the latest phone, the designer bag, the newest toys. The markets know how to make shopping addicting.

There is also pressure to always be "competing with the Joneses." The American dream is portrayed as big fancy houses, expensive cars.

The giant companies, whose future, rely on your buying "stuff" - Xbox, MacBook, newest iPhone.

It is their agenda to sell and they know how to make it tempting and addicting.

The reason why most women do not take the actions to manage their own money is because they lack self-confidence. 

Self-Confidence is a feeling that you can rely on yourself. 

I teach you how to build that confidence by showing that:

 Investing has become easier and cheaper in today's world.

It used to be rich's game, but now ANYONE can take advantage of the stock market.

Learn About Me

I've been there too..

Hi, my name is Saima. I am a physician with a passion for finance. I love reading about money. Money does make the world go around. And smart people have figured out how to make money work for them.

I've always been interested in money. But I also fell to get rich quick schemes, exploring the Forex market and others. But when I graduated medical school with over $450k in debt, I knew it was time for a change.

I want every woman to be able to make smart decisions with her money.

So I decided to share my passion with you all. I have a podcast, a blog, and working on many other pieces of training to create value.

I hope that you join me on this journey of learning to acquire wealth.